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He is Brian with an “i”

Let me tell you about my husband.  And yes, I’m gonna totally brag on him during this post. 

But first let me be real…he is not a morning person.  And I’ve seen non-morning people but he takes the cake!  Even the kids know…wait until dad is completely awake before we talk to him! I have learned to adapt and we often laugh about it…just as long as its after about 3pm.  Seriously!

He is from Virginia and spent his childhood was spent playing baseball, football and learning karate. He went to Liberty University: playing baseball, football, martial arts and has the scars and screws in his shoulders to prove it!

His love of karate followed him into adulthood, focusing on 3 types/styles. He has been to Okinawa and he has owned/operated a few small karate schools and worked with many kids in the process.

His loves

-Bourbon – Jim Beam Single Barrel being his absolute favorite. 

-Hunting – Turkey, Deer, Elk, Duck – If he can kill it and we can eat it – game on!

-Music – We both share the love of music

-Virginia Tech Football – We actually had Enter Sandman play as our exit song in the wedding and our entire family “jumped” – and if you don’t know what Im talking about – watch this

So here’s the part where I’m going to brag.

He will hate reading this! But he is an amazing father.  He is patient, he is present, he gives 100% all the time to all of them.  He is so proud of them, when he talks about them his entire body lights up.  He talks to them in a way that blows my mind most of the time.  He just has a way of relating to kids and giving them what they need.

He has been so supportive to me in this process; it honestly is the reason this blog started and why it’s still here. Just about every day I think about taking it down he is always there to remind me why I wanted to start this in the first place. To create a place of us as moms, step-moms, wives, to connect and support each other in a safe, positive, nurturing way.

He is fun and makes me laugh and truly my best friend.    Now, you probably wont really get to know him in the same way you’ll get to know me but I thought it would be nice for you all to have somewhat of an idea of who this man is that made me a Step-Mama in the first place.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know my husband just a little. I’d love to hear about you too so join our mailing list and become part of this beautifully blended tribe.

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