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Start Your Own Blog-Part 1

– The First Three Steps

This post on how to start your blog, probably contains affiliate links.  You can read the full boring disclosure statement here.  But just know that I only promote products and services that I have used myself and love and believe that you will too!

Want to learn how to start your blog from home and make money doing it? This post is the beginning of series of posts that I am creating to help everyone who has the dream of starting their own blog and earning a living doing it.

I know you’ve been on Pinterest and you have seen mom blogs even if you weren’t looking for them. If you are looking for them then you have seen them not only on Pinterest but FaceBook. Even a simple Google search will list thousands of them. I am sure you have wondered to yourself how do they do it? I want to do that too! And let me tell ya, I don’t blame you…how do you think I started?

My Story

I lost two jobs in six months. I was in sales, successfully. Promoted into management with the same company for over 5 years. Then on a very cold day in January, I was called into my boss’ office, I was told that I was being let go immediately. Very quickly, I found a great job working from home assisting a business professional. Within 3 months was promoted to full time and give a substantial raise. Two weeks later I was fired.

I found myself on the bathroom floor crying and praying. I asked God what he was trying to tell me that I wasn’t able to hear. In that moment, I heard “remember your passion.” I started my decor business and this blog before I lost that first job. After that happened (and a lot of other crazy drama) I lost focus, I tunnel vision on getting a job and supporting our family. Having a family of eight needs two incomes!

I have listened to many podcasts, read many books, been around enough successful and happy people. All of them say to find what you love to do and DO it and if you put in the hard work and hustle every day you will make it happen. That is the underlying theme of everything self-help/awareness related out there on the market today.

So how does that translate into this post…

Well, if you are like me and want to follow your passion of blogging, vlogging or even a podcast; which duh thats why you’re here…then buckle up buttercup! I’m going to show you how I am doing it so you can too.

You can make money on your blog as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort. If you’re not sure that it’s real or that you can do it, look at these bloggers. They are doing and started out just like you and grew their blog into thousands a month. Start following them, learn from them like I am. Heck, stick with me and we’ll learn together.

Now, don’t be fooled because that didn’t happen overnight. Each and every one of these mamas will tell you it takes blood, sweat, and tears (and for me some wine) to get to those levels. But listen, if you are willing to put in the work there is no reason you can’t do this along with us!

This is where were going to get down to business…the first 3 things you should do to start!

Step 1: Figure Out Your Niche

The first thing you need to think about on how to start a blog is what you plan to write about. This can be a challenge for a lot of people. I struggle too. I say struggle as present tense because even now, I still struggle with honing in on one niche. My idea is that my main focus will be to write about blended families. There are special stressors and struggles that come along with blended families. However, my overall desire to help women, moms, daughters, sisters, follow their passion and earn a living will be a huge part of this blog as well.

I will also be completely transparent with everyone; this blog is NEW, I started it about six months ago but really I am just now making it my full time focus (as I am sure you read in the beginning of this post). What I do know is that if all those other wonderful blogs are making money/profit I (we) can too. We just have to put in the work!

Alright, back to Step 1…how do you find your niche?

First, what are you passionate about?

What are your hobbies, interests, what are the things you love? What keeps you up at night? What is the one thing you do that your tribe says that you are the best at doing? Most importantly what gives you that fire in your gut?

Is there a need/demand for that? When you put that “thing” into Google or Pinterest or FaceBook, are there plenty of responses? That’s an easy way to tell the level of demand or the amount of people out there looking for what you have to give.

Next, can you monetize it?

You will need to find a way to monetize your blog. For most it’s a combination of sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and ads. There are many blogs that also have training, e-books, how-to, subscriptions, there really is no limit to the ways you can monetize your blog. However, that is the part that takes some time. You have to build your audience/following and once they know you and trust you they will pay you for your services. You have to figure out what really resonates with your audience then you can expand into more avenues of monetizing.

Step 2: Choose a Blogging Platform

My platform is a blog platform and while there are many other blogging platforms to choose from like SquareSpace and even for example, some are free and some are paid. My personal opinion is that your blog will look more professional with a paid platform. I have tried both. For me, the paid for platform has been much easier to navigate and is more user friendly. Once you get started there are a lot of blog posts on how to set everything up. Keep checking here because I am currently working on my own step-by-step guide for you as well.

Step 3: Choosing Your Domain Name

This part is so much fun but can also be very stressful for some people. It was easier for me just because of my niche. I knew I wanted blended families and the number eight in my name. My husband and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, I don’t remember what it was but I am 100% sure it was HGTV! Anyway…it literally popped into my head; I said it out loud. We both looked at each other and said, YES! that is perfect!

So, yours may not be that easy, but what I will tell you is to keep it simple. Don’t spend days and days stressing about what you are going to call your blog. Look at some of your own favorite blogs, like Beautifully Blended Eight *wink* and some of my favorites like:

It is also a good idea to have a couple of different versions of the perfect name; take it to the Google search bar and see if it is available. Also, I recommend a .com; it is easier for people to remember and keep the spelling as normal as possible. You want it to make sense.

Now, there are many, many more steps to this blogging process. Like starting to grow traffic, actually making money. I am new to the journey but I will post my progress…and failures because that’s where all the best stories come from.

You can also read my Start Your Own Blog – Step 2 and Start Your Own Blog – Step 3 posts!

I also want to hear from you! Leave me a comment, put in your link if you already have one and send me an email. This entire blogging thing is an online COMMUNITY and you get out of it what you put into it!

Just My Opinion:

The above statements are just my opinion based off my personal experience.  I am not trained as a counselor or advisor in any way.   

Please connect with me.  Leave a comment or follow me on Pinterest or Facebook and our Instagram is at the bottom of the page!



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